Are you looking for a heat press to start a small business? Searching the internet for a heat presser that will help you start a small business is could be hard to choose. One of the main reason you may struggle to find a heat press is that there are so many out there and the cost is a little intimidating. We all know that majority of small businesses fail within the first three years. Part of the reason is that the market is constantly changing and entrepreneurship is one of the most sought-after careers in history. People are tired of working 9-5 jobs or are looking to supplement their income.

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Starting a sublimation business isn’t as simple it may sound. There are investments for any business, but a sublimation business will come with a lot of planning and you will need to invest. The idea behind this blog post is to share my experience with the F2C Pro 5 in 1 Swing-Away Digital Transfer Sublimation Heat Press Machine Hat/Mug/Cap/Plate/T-Shirt Multifunctioning Machine.

If you cannot tell by the title of the machine listed on Amazon the machine I settled on can press almost anything. The key to figuring out the sublimation business is to leave your options open with what you can make. Most people settle on just a t-shirt press because that’s the current idea. But as I learned fairly quickly, you must have many options to earn an income and advertising t-shirts only may make it harder to build momentum for a new business. Even if you plan to only make a t-shirt, leave the option available to branch out in the future. Your business will be much more successful if you plan to build it before you start buying the necessary equipment. You will also save money in the long run if you begin with a long-term plan.

The heat press is very easy to use and self-explanatory. It was easy to set up and it was a good investment. I did not plan to press mugs and other plates, but as the holiday’s approached I began to make gifts for family and friends and eventually listed a few items on my Etsy account. To be honest, the pressed plates sold better than my t-shirts and I had to take a second look at the market. The investment was defiantly worth it because I had no idea how many people wanted to put their children’s pictures on their coffee mugs or how many grandparents wanted special holiday chargers. The possibilities are endless with this machine and I think that it was the best investment that I’ve made so far. Check out Amazon for more product details.

I am always searching for new ideas so please tell me in the comments, what do you plan to make with your sublimation heat press machine?

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