Congratulations, you have been put in charge of planning a baby shower! Maybe you wanted to be a host, maybe you didn’t volunteer. But, rest assured this guide to planning a baby shower will help you even if you’ve never planned one before. I will describe many different tips and tricks to planning a successful baby shower. Grab a pen and paper, this is going to be informative and help you think through the process.

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Your Baby Shower Theme

If you have full creative control, this could be a nerve-racking task. Take a moment to think about if the mother-to-be has given you any hints. For example, you may have noticed that the nursery theme has already been chosen! If so, this is a great starting point if mommy-to-be hasn’t given you a clue. You can also think of her favorite childhood character or a chic theme like ‘baby and CO,’ which is a Tiffany’s theme but for baby showers. Themes are really hard to choose, so if you can, ask mommy-to-be for some helpful hints it will be much easier to settle on a theme.

When you are deciding on a theme, make sure you can envision your setup. You don’t want to choose a theme that has limited decorations or a theme that may not be able to be personalized for mommy-to-be. The idea is to choose something unique that if possible can include some personalized items. has so many personalized options for all kinds of events, but you can get really creative with baby shower themes. You can pretty much make an entirely customized party with decorations that maybe no one has used yet. That’s the beautiful thing about, if you want something unique you will find it on the website for a decent price.

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Create or obtain a guest list

Your guest list should come from mommy-to-be as soon as possible. The guest list is important to have because it will help you decide on your budget, your venue and you food selection. You want to figure out how many guests will attend as soon as possible so that you can gather enough food and games for everyone to enjoy. Without a set guest list (or people you plan to send an invitation to) its pretty hard to move forward. Ask mommy to be to send you an email with her potential guests  names  and addresses. This way you will always have the list available so that when it is time to send out invitations or once you receive RSVP’s, you’ll have an organized list of who will attend.

Set your budget

A good rule of thumb when setting your budget is to think of all of the components that you want to include in the baby shower. Some baby showers are small and some are huge. It really depends on mommy-to-be and the guest list. I always plan to pay $15 per guest. This includes, games, food and favors, but I set a separate budget for things like decorations and venue.  There are a lot of different factors that will come into play with a baby shower budget. Try to answer these questions early on: Who will bring what? For example, will mommy-to-be ask her mother-in-law to bring a cake? or will daddy-to-be pay for the venue? Once you have those questions answered you will be able to find a budget that comfortably fits into your overall plan. The most important thing about your budget is that you should be reasonable, do not go into debt and do not go over budget. If you follow those three ideas, you should be all set.

Baby Shower Backdrop Inspiration

Date and Location

To ensure that the entire baby shower goes as planned ask mommy-to-be for an ideal date that will work best for her. Baby showers are usually around the eighth month of pregnancy, which just so happens to be the busiest time of pregnancy. Mommy-to-be will be on maternity leave soon or she may be renovating the house to prepare for baby. It is important that she can choose the date so that it will be sure to fit into her already busy schedule.  If mommy-to-be has a date already in mind, great! If she does not, force one out of her and stick to it. The reason why I approach date and time so aggressively is because I want to secure my venue as soon as possible. This will give me a set deadline and make it much easier to plan out the rest of the baby shower. The idea is to be able to send out invitations as soon as possible to allow guests to make adjustments to their schedules and  prepare.

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Order the Invitations

Personalized invitations will take 1-2 weeks to create and arrive to your home. It should take guests another week to receive them and send back their RSVP. You should refer back to your guest list and keep a running record of who has already sent an RSVP or who sent regrets. By keeping a running record, you will be able to adjust your budget and plan out your favors and finalize your food selection. There are some awesome options for invitation sets on and

Diaper Cake Inspiration

Planning your menu 

Planning your food menu is where the fun begins. You can try to include your baby shower theme in your food selection or you can make it unique and give your food fun names that hints to your baby shower theme. For example, if you are planning a safari theme, you may choose food names that will remind guests of a safari. You can even find bowls and serving dishes that will look amazing customized for your theme.

Your menu should include, fruits, veggies and finger foods that mommy-to-be will be impressed with (hint, ask her about her cravings). But it should also include a formal meal. Depending on the part of the day that the baby shower will be held in, your formal meal selection should be fit for that part of the day. So if you are having an early brunch shower, you may want to include brunch like options in your menu.

Plan Games

Depending on your guest list, you should plan games that fit the crowd you will host. If you are hosting a group of older women, you should plan games that can be played mostly seated. If you are planning to host a group of women who are younger, maybe already have kids, you should plan games that require a little bit of movement. Of course, you can search to make sure that the games that require paper will be able to be customized. Amazon also has some great selections of bundled games that are already put together with the materials needed for the games and instructions. Think of unique games that are not repeats of games that you’ve played countless times at baby showers. The idea is to plan interactive games that will be fun for anyone that attends the shower.

At most baby showers guests will play games especially when the games have awesome prizes. Try to choose universal prizes that most women could use. I shop on amazon for my game prizes because it is easier to group them all together and their are some amazing prize ideas. If you want to shop through amazon, search baby shower games prizes to check out their selection.


Your favors should mimic your theme idea. So for example, if you planned a safari themed baby shower, you may include favors that fit that theme. Some ideas of general favors are, travel sized hand sanitizer with personalized labels, draw string pouches filled with candy and personalized labels or personalized key chains, just to name a few. Favors are generally easy to select (so be creative), because they come from one vendor who can complete the entire order. Make sure that when you are ordering your favors that you are specific about what you may need and when you will need it by. Vendors on are pretty knowledgeable about favors or themes so don’t hesitate to bug them with your questions.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

It does take a while to plan a good baby shower so don’t wait until the last minute. Baby showers should be planned at least two months before the date. You can make adjustments to the baby shower easily, by having a rock-solid plan early on. Themes and favors should go together and remember, it must make sense to fit mommy-to-be. She may have some ideas for the baby shower, but do your best not to put to much pressure on her to make decisions because this is about her, she shouldn’t be stressed out. You can put all hands on deck b inviting the new grandparents to help as well. Grandparents usually have some awesome ideas. just don’t let them take over, they are also celebrating this milestone and shouldn’t feel responsible to plan it if they do not want to.

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  1. I never had a baby shower but one time out of my three kids. My coworkers threw it for me and it was so much fun! This is some really great advice.


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