Dyson Ball Vacuum Replica

The Dyson Ball Vacuum is this year’s cutest gift for kids! The vacuum is a replica of the life-size Dyson Ball Vacuum and it actually works just like the real one! The vacuum has been designed to be true to the life-size vacuum and it even has all of the bells and whistles that the real Dyson has! There is even a life-sized dustbin at the back to empty what is sucked in through the suction. The cyclone action has moving colorful balls in the cylinder.

Your child will be able to do more than pretend play with this vacuum because it actually works. Can you imagine your toddler vacuuming after snack time? I can’t either! But, I am adding this one to my wishlist just in case.

Check it out on Amazon.com

Do you think the Dyson Ball would be a great addition to your child’s Christmas list? Let me know in the comment section below?

I did not receive compensation for writing this insight. If you decide to purchase the Dyson Ball Vacuum for kids I may receive a commission at no additional charge to you.


  1. My daughter literally wanted to vacuum this morning! She took it from my husbadn and started doing it. Looks like we’ll need to look into this one so she can join in! HA


  2. I love this little vacuum so much, just from reading about it. Our 2 year old son loves to help me clean. This would be such a perfect gift for him. Also would be a good gift for me too, because he will help me clean. Lol.


  3. That’s kind of cool that they have one for kids. I know it would teach my daughter some lessons. I really wish I had things like chores for her that I had as a kid. But it’s hard when she is bouncing back and forth between homes all the time with her mother an I. This would be a cool way to teach responsibility though.


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