This year I am more than determined to save during the holiday. It seems like my budget doubles every year. But not this year! I will stick to the budget and hope that I don’t have this talk with you guys again next year!

I have two daughters and I am also a foster parent of three. Yup! Five children under seven years old. They are all expecting “Santa” to show up with this year’s best gifts ever. Their ages range from 3-7! I have my work cut out for me, right? Not to mention the rest of the family that is expecting something at the family Christmas party! I love to shop through Amazon and yes, I am an affiliate. But I shop through Amazon because of prime. I also don’t want to mesh with the world and the holiday shopping drama. I am happy to have everything delivered to the garage!

Here is the list that I’ve put together so far! Nothing is finalized, but this is my starter list.

#1 Kids Tablets

#2 Pretend Kitchen Sets

#3 Playstation Bundles

#4 XBOX Bundles

#5 Doll Houses

#6 American Girl Dolls & Accessories

#7 Fort Nite Codes

#8 Laptops

#9 Basketball Hoops

#10 Remote Control Cars

Tablets and laptops are given nowadays. Kids of all ages love them. I planned to buy my 7-year-old a laptop and my 3-year-old a tablet. I’ve learned that the world is becoming tech-friendly for the entire family, so I need to get on board. Not to mention the games are great for my 3-year-old to practice her alphabet and counting. I am an Amazon affiliate, so I do earn commission for the provided links. But this is my list so far from Amazon for my children and my younger siblings. Check out what Amazon has to offer this year.

Did you start your holiday shopping? Who has the best deals right now? Please leave your favorite deals in the comment section below! Let’s help each other in the holidays this year!


  1. These are some wonderful suggestions, and will be so helpful buying for some of my friends’ kids. I will also share this post with some of my friends – they will love it


  2. I love these suggestions, especially the tablets. I a brand new kindle fire back in 2013, before I had a kid and we’ve been using that for our daughter. But she recently dropped it, and it no longer works. So I’m definitely looking for new tablets for her. Thanks for sharing your list.


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