Today I refurbished a set of living room end tables that I have had for a few years. Although the project required a bunch of research, I finally settled on the right products to use. My end tables are metal and the tops are removable glass. The overall project was actually easy! The difficult part was cleaning the table and making sure there isn’t any dust or noticeable cracks. Because my table was metal, there were a few scraps that I had to clean with rubbing alcohol. But once they were cleaned, they were easy to spray paint.

What you need:

  1. Tables (I used metal, but you can also use wooden tables)
  2.  <a href=”http://“>Rust-Oleum Spray paint (with primer)
  3. Cleaning Supplies (I used soap and water)
  4. Drying towel or paper towels
  5. cardboard (I used an old box)


  1. The first thing you should do is clean the area that you want to spray paint. To clean the area remove any dirt or dust from the surface area. After you’ve removed the dust and dirt with soap and water, allow the table to dry.
  2. Once the area has dried, place the table on top of the cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard is long enough to catch the spray paint if it drips. Once you begin spray painting the table, you will not be able to move it until it is completely dry.
  3. Metal Table (before)
  4. Spray from the base up
  5. Begin spray painting the table, starting at the bottom and working your way towards the top. Be sure to follow the instructions on your spray paint bottle for the distance between you and your table when you are spray painting it. It is important to allow the table to dry in between spray paint coats. If you see a spot that you missed, allow the area to dry before you spray another coat. If you overspray or don’t let the layers dry between coats, the paint will look clumpy.
  6. Rust-Oleum furniture refurbishing spray paint
  7. Rust-Oleum spray paint for refurbishing furniture.
  8. Metal table refurbished with rust-oleum spray paint
  9. Begin at the base
  10. 4. Repeat the coats ( allowing the table to dry between coats) until you are satisfied with the color. Leave the table to dry according to your spray paint instructions. I let mine sit for about 3 hours.
  11. Furniture finished with rust-oleum spray paint
  12. First Coat
  13. how to paint old furniture
  14. Side by side (Paint and no Paint)
  15. IMG_1735 (1)
  16. The finished project
  17. Overall, the project is easy. Good luck with your project! I love the brand because I couldn’t tell that it was spray painted. It actually looks as if it was purchased like this! I am currently looking for more project to do around the house.

Have you used <a href=”http://“>Rust-Oleum products for a different project? Tell me about your project in the comments section!

This blog is based on my own experience, I was not paid to write about this product. I purchased this product for my own project. <a href=”http://“>Rust-Oleum is not an affiliate for my blog. Amazon is an affiliate, if you decide to purchase from Amazon using the links provided, I may be compensated for your purchase.

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