Are you planning your dream wedding on a budget? I have put together the top 4 websites that all wedding planners should know about. I choose these websites because they have so many money saving, DIY options and all three are very budget friendly. If you need some inspiration, check out Pinterest!

Now that you’ve decided on your theme or look, check out the websites below to see if you can create your vision. Goodluck with your planning!


Shop Wild Things is a really great resource for event planners in general but it is an awesome resource for wedding planners because of their huge selection. Their inventory consists of many different elements you need for your wedding at a reasonable price. They carry lighting, back drop material, centerpieces, floral decor, an insane amount of beads and curtains, vases and an option to customized. Check them out!

Table Cloths Factory sell their inventory at a really good price. You can find table cloths, overlays runners, napkin, place-mats, chair covers and sashes at a really good price. They also have an option to customize table cloths and more.

Linen Table Cloth is another good option for your table cloth needs. They really have a generous amount of inventory and the prices are really good. Use the event planning option to plan your room setup. You can design your seating arrangements using their website and even place names and table numbers on the table. The best part about the option is that you can print out your seating chart!

Check the cost to rent and compare them to if you bought your table cloths. I decided to buy my table cloths because the cost to rent them were a bit higher than the cost to buy them at my local party rental warehouse. After my wedding, I sold my table cloths for a little over half the price I bought them for!

Everyone knows that custom items are either done DIY style or bought from Etsy. Etsy has probably everything that you can think of for weddings. The best part of Etsy is that you can customize pretty much anything. There are many things that can be customized, but I wouldn’t go custom crazy. Things like wedding favors, bridal party gifts and sweetheart table setups are the most popular items from Etsy. If you have a special request, etsy may be the place to start.


I was really impressed by because of the quality of the products. The website has products for DIY and they have products that are already beautifully put together. The bulk of my wedding supplies were bought from this website and I did not have any regrets. They sent everything right away and even answered all of my questions about some of the products. They are also very knowledgeable about how to use their products and they have awesome decoration ideas.

Do you know of any budget friendly wedding planning websites? Let me know in the comment section below!