My youngest sister is 15 years old and has recently become interested in makeup. For her 13 birthday, I made her a gift basket of really expensive makeup from Sephora. I know! dumb idea. She was excited to watch Youtube tutorials and learn how to use all of her new products. The only problem is that she wasted a bunch of the makeup by putting it on wrong or drying it out by leaving them open.

Recently, I wanted to give her some tips and realized that she needed to refresh her makeup stash. So… I decided to take her to the drug store to pick up some good products on a budget. There are many brands available at the drug stores, but the big name brands have a variety of good quality products at a decent price.

My favorite drug store makeup products

#1 Cover Girl

Cover Girl is a great brand because of the quality and variety of products. My favorite product is the BB Cream foundation with sunscreen. I love this foundation because the sunscreen helps my skin keep its firmness in the summer months and it hides my pale skin in the winter months. The coverage is really good if you have dark marks or blemishes like I do. I have sensitive skin and eventually foundation irritate my checks and nose causing blemishes. I finally found a product that doesn’t dry out or irritate my skin, it also does a good job of hiding bumps and blemishes!

#2 Revlon

Image result for Revlon

Revlon has the best mascara for my short eye lashes. I don’t have bottom lashes, so this mascara is a blessing. My favorite product is Lash Paradise Mascara Blackest Black. The volume I get from this mascara is life changing! Seriously, if you don’t try any other products, try this one! It doesn’t clump and it looks really natural!

#3 Maybelline New York

Image result for Maybelline

Maybelline has a lip line that is to die for! The products are true to their titles and they really do look really good on any shape or shade lip. My favorite lip line is the SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color. This lip line has new shades often that and the shades vary from nude to darker colors like purple matte. It really pops with lip liner!

#4 e.l.f Cosmetics

Image result for e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f has awesome brushes and sponges at a very good price. I love the color variety of the brushes and sponges because when I clean and rotate my brushes, I know which should be replaced and which has more use. I order makeup brushes and sponges often from their site and I’ve also used the drug store brushes. The variety is better on their website, but the product quality for both drug store and website is awesome and worth the price!

#5 L’Oreal

Image result for l'oreal

The entire product line is pretty good but the lipstick line is huge in shades and finish. The variety in color and the consistency of the brand is also really good. I really do love a smooth lipstick that doesn’t make my lips feel dry. The brand has great quality of matte and gloss lips sticks.

I bought my sister a bunch of products but I made sure that the I bought the BB cream. Using BB cream help her skip some of the steps that foundation would require. She also has mild acne and BB cream is known for great coverage without leaving clumpy residue. I was afraid that she would not apply the regular foundation the right way! I didn’t want her to go to school as a ghost.

Do you have a favorite drug store product? Leave it in the comments below.

None of the brands mentioned paid me for this post! This list is based off of my own experiences.


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